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Wireless pressure sensor in oil field

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Wireless pressure sensor in oil field

Huabei Oilfield is one of the important oil producing areas in China. The developed oil and gas fields are mainly concentrated in the central Yunnan and Inner Mongolia regions of Hebei Province. The exploration area is nearly 200,000 square kilometers. There are about 3 billion tons of oil resources in the exploration area, and 1.1 billion tons have been proved, with a proven degree of 36.7%. As a high-tech technology, oil exploration has been monopolized by foreign manufacturers, and it is difficult to have excellent products and technologies. Enter the field of oil exploration. Domestic manufacturers have not been able to enter the oil exploration industry due to imperfect technology or various reasons.
The wireless sensor transmitting end is connected to the angular displacement sensor, the load sensor and the flow sensor to collect relevant sensing data and then sent to the NRM02 wireless communication receiving module; the wireless communication receiving module transmits the received data to the PLC; the PLC then sends the monitoring to the GPRS device through the connection. The center realizes the remote monitoring of oil well exploration; this case has been maturely applied in Huabei Oilfield, and the high stability and cost control of the product have been widely praised by the users, and they have been promoted in the exploration of other oilfields of PetroChina. It is a rare classic application case for oil exploration in China.
Wireless pressure transmitter
The main application areas are for the field or in the case of inconvenient power supply environment, such as oil, steam, heating and other transportation energy pipelines, such as pressure monitoring, to achieve signal wireless remote transmission, with the use of wireless communication receiver module (NRM series), the upper position The machine can directly monitor the collected data using the configuration.
Power supply 8Ah/3.6V lithium battery (1)
Measuring range 0MPa¡«60MPa
Ambient temperature -30 ° C ~ 45 ° C
Medium temperature -30 ° C ~ 85 ° C
System accuracy ±0.25%
Thermal zero drift ≤±0.03%F·S/°C
Average power consumption <2mW
Window size 54mm × 45mm (128 × 64 points)
Parameter setting communicator
Communication frequency band 428MHz ~ 435.5MHz
Transmission distance 200m (in an open environment)
Housing size §¶D: 100mm, H: 66mm (without antenna)
Process interface M20×1.5
Protection class IP54
Explosion-proof level ExibIICT4

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