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Gauge absolute air water hydraulic vacuum pressure transmitt

Gauge absolute air water hydraulic vacuum pressure transmitt


Gauge absolute air water hydraulic vacuum pressure transmitter is produced with  imported silicon sensitive elements£¬normalized designed circuits and imported chip assembly technology.The medium can be liquid or gas which is compatible with 316 stainless steel.And it can be widely used for all kinds of industrial application.There are Hirschmann,aviation plug,and direct lead type connector.And the high temperature and digital pressure transmitter can be customized.
Its principal is that the transmitter turns the temperature signal into an electrical signal through a temperature sensor. The preamplifier amplifies and filters the electrical signal and sends it to the CPU's A/D converter module for analog to digital conversion. Finally, the CPU Data processing and display and PWM output.
Widely measure range and stable O-ring mount
Easy to operate, easy to maintain
High Accuracy and excellent long-term stability 
Full housing is made by 316L Stainless steel
Drift affect small
Media:Oil, water, gas and compatible with 316L stainless steel
Pressure:Ceramic type:0.1-40Mpa £»Diffused silicon type: -0.1MPa ~ 0 ~ 100MPa
Overload:2 times (10MPa or less); 1.5 times (10MPa or more)
Accuracy:± 0.1% FS ,± 0.2% FS , ± 0.5% FS,± 1% FS
Nonlinear:<± 0.2% FS
Hysteresis and repeatability:≤ ± 0.1% FS
Long-term stability:≤ ± 0.1% FS / year
Zero drift:≤ ± 0.02% FS / ¡æ
Response time:≤500ms (standard)
Output:Current  2-wire: 4 ~ 20mA ;Voltage 3-wire : 0 ~ 5V; 0 ~ 10V; 1 ~ 5V; 1 ~ 10V;Option:RS 485 ,hart
Supply voltage:DC24V (12 ~ 32VDC, less may contact)
Load capacity:current output: ≤ 500Ω
Voltage output:≤ 250Ω output impedance
Electrical connection:Standard for Hersman, optional direct outlet or M20  PIN Aviation
Materials:  Wetted parts:316L stainless steel;Shell:304;Seals:Viton, optional: EPOM, NBR
Diaphragm:316L stainless steel
Process connection:M20 × 1.5 external thread (standard) (optional otherconnections)
Material:316L stainless steel wetted materials; Shell: 304
Protection class: IP 65
Medium temperature: -30 ~ 80 ¡æ
Ambient temperature: -40 ~ 80 ¡æ
Storage temperature:-40 ~ 100 ¡æ
Earthquake:108 RMS (25 ~ 2000HZ)
Current Limit:The maximum current-24mA; voltage-largest 5mA
Hydraulic pressure and pneumatic control system 
Industrial field pressure control process
Aerospace,marine and shipbuilding industry
Automotive, central air conditioning and refrigeration equipment
Water treatment works environmental and purification
Food industry
Medical equipment
Water conservancy,hydropower , power plants and other industries

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