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Capacitive Pressure Transmitter

Capacitive Pressure Transmitter


Capacitive Pressure Transmitter is the result of a combination of self-developed anti-jamming, high stability digital circuits and the introduction of foreign Single crystal resonant silicon sensor technology. Its performance much better than our domestic metal capacitive sensor technology transmitter, and main show in the field zero stability and long-term operation stability, and rapid response.
Single crystal resonant silicon sensor technology
Super performance, use to measure pressure, differential pressure and temperature..
Accuracy: ±0.075%~±0.1%F.S/±0.2%F.S
Stability: ≤0.2%
Standard 4¡«20mA,RS-485 communication interface
Support upgrade of basic scene control technique
Little temperature effect
Little static effect
Overload can reach 2 times
Compatible with 316LSS,noncorrosive liquids.   
Shipping and aviation industry.
Hydraulic pressure and pneumatic control system
Apply in Petroleum industry, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, hydrology etc process control.
Reference condition:zero is the lower limit and not offset, temperature 25¡æ, Atmospheric pressure, 24VDC power,silicon oil , diaphragm 316L, data adjust range the same as the up and lower limit of the range.
Temerature influence:±£¨0.05%URL£«0.15%FS£«200Pa£©20¡æ
Static pressure influence:zero error  0.1URL/6.9Mpa; 
zero error 0.1URL/1.7MPa
Vibration influence:withstand frequency 200Hz at any direction, arouse error ±0.05%URL
Power influence:£¼0.005%/V
Load influence:no load influence
Mounting position influence:about 250Pa zero offset, can be eliminate via calibration, no range influence.
RF interference influence:drift is ±0.1%span in the condition of 30-1000MHz frequency and the most field intensity 10V/m
Analog output: two –wire 4-20mADC
Digital output: two –wire 4-20mADC and superimposing variable digital signal accord with HART
Power supply:24VDC
Limit load:Max load resistor Rmax in loop decided by the supply voltage, see the below drawing. HART PROTOCOL require the load resistor not less than 250Ω,not more than 600Ω
Communication distance:Max. 1.5Km, multi-address communication can connect 15 smart transmitters Max.
Display:4 digital display,5 digit LCD display, pointer type.
Explosion-proof:ExiaIICT5;explosion suppression type
Zero offset:Can positive transfer or negative transfer, but can not overstep the utmost value
Ambient temperature -40-85¡æ(When choose LCD : -20-70¡æ)
Medium temperature:-40¡«104¡æ
Static pressure and single side overpressure:3.45KPa(absolute pressure)¡«31.2MPa£¨gauge pressure£©
Relative humidity:5¡«98%RH
Run-up time:less than 5 sec.
Capability change:Less than 0.16cm3
Damp adjust:0.20¡«25 second
Malfunction alarming:If occur malfunction, automatism diagnose function will output 3.9 or 21.0mA
Configuration protection:To avoid the datas are modified random, can utilize software or protect switch lock the record data

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