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Automotive pressure transmitter

Automotive pressure transmitter

Introduction of automotive pressure transmitter:

Automotive pressure sensors are designed for automotive oil pressure monitoring, braking and braking systems. The use of silicon piezoresistive or foil strain gauges as the sensitive components, combined with special integrated circuits, in the whole working temperature range of temperature compensation and non-linear correction, to achieve a full range of high-precision measurement of the work area.

Applications of automotive pressure transmitter: 

Automotive oil pressure, automotive brake system

Features of automotive pressure transmitter:

1.Strong media compatibility, measurable hydraulic oil, oil, LPG, gas
2.High precision, small size, easy to install
3.Wide temperature compensation, -40 ~ 125 ℃
4.0.5V ~ 4.5V, 0 ~ 5V multiple output mode
5.Excellent long - term stability
6.Improve the optimization of the circuit and the installation structure, with excellent anti-vibration performance and stability

Dimension of automotive pressure transmission (SLK-381):

 automotive pressure transmitter

Technical Parameters of automotive pressure transmission


00.7Mpa, 1Mpa,1.6Mpa,3.5Mpa,10MPa…70Mpa

Composite gauge pressure

Any composite pressure optional (such as -100Kpa ~ 3Mpa)

Comprehensive accuracy


Overload capacity

2 times the rated pressure

Measuring medium

316L stainless steel compatible media

Supply voltage



Working current



Output form

0-5V / 4-20mA


Operating temperature


Pressure interface

7/16UNF NPT 1/4、G1/4(Other customizable)

Circuit protection

Over voltage protection, anti-electromagnetic interference

Electrical connections

3-pin shielded cable, 3-pin Packard connector

Long - term stability

0.2% FS / year (typical)

Shell material

304L or 316L stainless steel

Explosion protection type

Intrinsically safe Exia Ⅱ CT6


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