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0-5v Ceramic pressure sensor

0-5v Ceramic pressure sensor


Description of 0-5v pressure sensor:

0-5v pressure sensor for sophisticated integrated stainless steel structure, built-in digital processing circuitry to convert the sensor millivolt signal into a standard voltage and current output, the structure forms, output forms. Compact 0-5v pressure sensor is small, light weight, easy to install and simple. After rigorous testing of the product components, semi-finished and finished products and aging screening, stable performance, widely used in industrial automation equipment, for a variety of complex environments with good adaptability.This 0-5v pressure sensor has a mature mass production line, timely completion of quality and quantity of production tasks, and a complete after-sale service system installation.


Feature of 0-5v pressure sensor:

Compact, compact appearance 
Digital circuit processing . 
Precision, high stability
Strong anti-interference, good long-term stability
Span a wide range, measure absolute pressure, gauge pressure
Small size, light weight, easy to install
The products with excellent reliability, flexibility and diversity


Specification of 0-5v pressure sensor:

0-5v pressure sensor 0-5v pressure transducer

Application of 0-5v pressure sensor:

This 0-5v pressure sensor is widely used in pressure in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, hydro and other industrial process measurement and control in the field.

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